Reflection Foil for BMW K1300S

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This set of Reflection Foils (6 pieces) increases the signalling effect for the following traffic a lot. Your motorcycle is immediately much more visible which increases also your passive safety a lot.

Available in silver (images 1-4) or black (image 5).
The black foils look unremarkably black during daylight, but also reflect in a striking silver/white colour at night.

Reflection Foil silver

Article-No. : Reflektion-Sport-Case

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Price: € 20,00
USD: 23,79 $
GBP: 17,36 £
AUD: 31,23 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Reflection Foil black

Article-No. : ReflSchwSportCase

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 22,00
USD: 26,17 $
GBP: 19,09 £
AUD: 34,35 $A

without VAT plus shipping

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Peter wrote | 2013-08-09:
Good idea anything that makes you be seen is good thing

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