Handlebar risers for BMW R 1200 R, LC (2015-)

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These handlebar risers for your BMW R1200R LC (2015 - ) let you sit up straighter and be more comfortable on longer rides. You'll notice a definite decrease in the stress on your wrists and shoulders. Your trip will be safer, you'll arrive more relaxed.
The riser is installed between the handlebars and the upper fork brace. The longer screws required are included in the kit.

- Made of aluminium
- Silver anodised
- High-strength screws

What's included:
- Handlebar riser, 25 mm high on the left and right
- Longer mounting screws
- Installation instructions
- Street homologation

You can order special screws for the BMW GPS Mounting with the article number 31002 (1 set = 4 screws).

There is a video for this product - watch here!

Handlebar risers 25mm

Article-No. : 31000

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Price: € 82,30
USD: 95,73 $
GBP: 72,12 £
AUD: 124,91 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Special screw set for BMW GPS mounting (1 set = 4 screws)

Article-No. : 31002

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 28,90
USD: 33,62 $
GBP: 25,33 £
AUD: 43,86 $A

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Questions about this article

Why can I not pull the clutch line as it is shown in the video?
The clutch line is fixed at the frame (behind the cooler) with a clamp (hose holder). You cannot see this clamp, you can only feel it when you grab along the clutch line with your hand. The holder must be opened and only then you can pull the clutch line (as shown in the video).

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Matt G. wrote | 2019-05-09:
These bar risers were a perfect fit and very easy to install. I applaud Hornig for demonstrating the installation steps - very clearly done. In my case, the clutch hydraulic line was already relocated, but the video demonstration I'm sure would answer many questions that would arise in this relocation. The riding position is a perfect compromise between city riding and highway riding. They remain low enough that I have enough weight on the bars that I don't need to hold on - the wind balance at highway speeds is good. Helibars, by contrast are too high for highway speeds. At city speeds, the slightly higher bars reduce the reach just enough to make the bike easier to man-handle. Note that bar height is extremely subjective - this fit is good for me.
These screws seem to be a different material than the normal length screws that come packaged with the risers. The normal length screws appear to be a plated screw, wearas the longer screws appear to be stainless steel. In this regard, they are a better product than the normal length screws and therefore match the stock screws.

Jared wrote | 2016-04-17:
These worked great.. just enough of an ergonomic tweak for me at 5'5". Did not require longer cables to install.

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