ZTechnik Windscreen

ZTechnik® revolutionizes windscreen performance! The...

Price € 380,60
without VAT plus shipping

Vario touring screen for original mounting

This type of windshield has a small spoiler at the top of...

Price € 130,90
without VAT plus shipping

Spoiler Sport for windshields

The MRA X-creen Sport spoiler can be set according...

Price € 87,90
without VAT plus shipping

High Windscreen

Transparent and aerodynamic wind protection incl....

Price € 108,00
without VAT plus shipping

Touring screen for original mounting

The touring shield has the same shape as the original,...

Price € 105,90
without VAT plus shipping

Hand Protectors

Those hand guards are made for BMW R1200R LC (2015- )....

Price € 129,00
without VAT plus shipping

National Cycle Shield Wash Windshield Cleaner

Our cleaning kit includes eight-ounce bottle of Shield...

Price € 22,90
without VAT plus shipping

National Cycle RainZip Rain Repellent

Available in a 3-oz. size with application cloth - enough...

Price € 26,90
without VAT plus shipping


The windscreen Highwayshield is produced and tailored...

Price € 125,80
without VAT plus shipping

The Vario touring screen ✅ for the original mounting on your BMW R1200R LC is particularly suitable to ensure the needed protection against fast airstreams on long journeys. The touring screen has the same form as the original screen but at the rear it has an additional raised wind deflector. The Highwayshield has a huge surface area and protects the driver of the BMW R1200R LC from the upper part of the body to the helmet. If you would like to keep your windshield rain-free for a long time, you have to try the National Cycle RainZip water deflector. We recommend the cleaning set from National Cycle to keep the windshield of your BMW R1200R LC sparkling clean.