Engine oil LIQUI MOLY

Fully synthetic or semi-synthetic high-performance engine...

Price € 60,00
without VAT plus shipping

Engine Oil

These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the...

Price € 17,90
without VAT plus shipping

Rear brake pads

Lucas brake pads All brake pads are environmentally...

Price € 30,80
without VAT plus shipping

Front brake pads

Lucas ABE brake pads are characterised by high quality at...

Price € 37,00
without VAT plus shipping

Transmission oil

These transmission oils are extreme pressure gear oils...

Price € 20,00
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filter spanner Wrench size 74 mm

Change the oil filter easily and fast just like the...

Price € 14,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filter

Only the correct oil filter ensures that your oil is free...

Price € 12,90
without VAT plus shipping

Air filter

K&N Sport air filter For: BMW R1200RT LC 2014-

Price € 85,90
without VAT plus shipping

Rubber Grips for Multi Controller

Our rubber grips improve the rider's riding pleasure and...

Price € 25,60
without VAT plus shipping

NGK Spark plugs

Not only in a race the right spark at the right moment...

Price € 14,90
without VAT plus shipping

Front Brake Discs

Cool design, the finest high technology, with TUV, and...

Price € 122,00
without VAT plus shipping

Rear brake disc

LUCAS brake discs are made of high-quality steel. Special...

Price € 122,00
without VAT plus shipping

Set of seals for valve cover

Set of seals (big and small seal) for valve cover for...

Price € 57,90
without VAT plus shipping

Brake fluid

This high performance brake fluid for street, off-road...

Price € 10,00
without VAT plus shipping

5x flat-head screws M8x27 10.9 MK

Our screw kit includes 5x flat-head screws with the size...

Price € 19,60
without VAT plus shipping

Hydraulic fluid Hyspin V10

Hydraulic fluid Hyspin V10 (250 ml) Compare BMW item...

Price € 16,90
without VAT plus shipping

5x screws M8x15,5 ZNS3 MK

Our screw kit includes 5x screws with the size M8x15,5...

Price € 13,90
without VAT plus shipping

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear...

Price € 2,15
without VAT plus shipping

Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

A six-step maintenance system designed to clean any K&N...

Price € 21,50
without VAT plus shipping

Cooling Liquid

Amine, nitrite and phosphate free antifreezing fluid...

Price € 11,50
without VAT plus shipping

Repair kit rubber cover

Repair kit rubber cover Compare BMW part...

Price € 28,90
without VAT plus shipping

Anti Squeal Paste

The anti squeal paste can be used for the whole brake...

Price € 4,50
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Pole Fat

This Procycle battery pole fat was especially developed...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

Rear wheel bolt

Rear wheel bolt For cast wheels and spoke wheels...

Price € 5,90
without VAT plus shipping

Aluminum washer for sump plug

Aluminum washer or also called sump plug washer for sump...

Price € 0,70
without VAT plus shipping

Bump stop tank / seat

Bump stop for tank fixation /seat for BMW...

Price € 3,20
without VAT plus shipping

Copper washer for final drive angular gearbox

Copper washer for final drive angular gearbox. The copper...

Price € 0,60
without VAT plus shipping

Lithium battery

Due to its high output power due to the low internal...

Special price € 199,00
instead of € 209,50

without VAT plus shipping
(inkl. 7,50 € Pfand ┬ž10 BattG)

Front Brake Discs Rivet Pack

Cool design, the finest high technology, with TUV, and...

Price € 190,00
without VAT plus shipping

Due to natural wear and tear there is a regular need for replacement. For this purpose you will find useful products here. Among other things we offer an oil filter wrench with a key width of 74mm, so that you can change the oil filter just as easily and quickly as in a workshop. We also offer various motor oils ✅. In order to select the right oil for your BMW R1200RT LC (2014-) there is a small auxiliary table. These mineral, partially or fully synthetic AGIP engine oils of the latest generation beat the requirements of BMW's specifications or classifications and because of this they fit perfectly for the ambitious BMW riders. The same applies to our cardan and transmission oils. After some time, the brake pads wear out and must be replaced. Our Lucas brake pads for the front and the rear with ABE fit a variety of motorcycles and are environmentally friendly manufactured without asbestos, cadmium, lead and formaldehyde! For those who have particularly high security requirements, especially in racing, the Lucas high-performance brake fluid (DOT 5.1 Safwty/Grand Prix) is perfect. It exceeds the standards by far and is miscible with all brake fluids of the same specification. By using our Anti-Squeal Paste, annoying squeaking noises are things of the past. It can be used for the whole brake system (disc brake pads bolts, pins, as well as annex for drum brakes). Especially for the lubrication of battery terminals and connections as well as connection assemblies in the automotive electronics, Procycle battery pole fat is perfectly suited. To ensure that your oil is always free of particles, you need the correct oil filter. Thus, the life of your BMW motorcycle is increased and it is also made sure that your motorcycle runs perfectly.