Rubber Grips for BMW R1200RT 2005-2013

BMW R1200RT 2005-2013 Bikes

Our rubber grips improve the rider's riding pleasure and safety. They reduce vibrations and have an outstanding material quality. They are resistant to weathering influences, UV and ozone.
Sold in pairs.
Length: 130 mm or 5 1/8"
Open-ended grip, compatible with handlebar ends.
Attention: Do you have heated grips or not?

BMW R1200RT 2005-2013

Doesn't fit for BMW Multi-Controller!

The mounting of the rubber grips is not easy, especially on motorcycles with heated grips. In the event of improper handling, the heated grips can be damaged / cut through when removing the old rubber grips. This danger exists especially with fully glued rubber grips. The replacement of the rubber grips is at your own risk. We accept no liability for any damage to the motorcycle. If in doubt, please have the rubber grips replaced by a specialist workshop.

There is a video for this product - watch here!

Rubber Grips (Inner diameter 1x 22mm and 1x 24mm)

Article-No. : 01690/F

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 25,00
USD: 29,74 $
GBP: 21,70 £
AUD: 39,04 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Rubber Grips for heated grips (Inner diameter 2x 24mm)

Article-No. : 01690/F/24

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 26,00
USD: 30,93 $
GBP: 22,57 £
AUD: 40,60 $A

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Questions about this article

How do I install the rubber grips when I have heated grips?
The installation is not easy. If you can't do it or have no experience in it, please go to a professional repair shop.
You have to cut the original grips from the heating.
Which is no big problem but you have to be careful!
Then you can put the new grips in boiling water to enlarge them.
Then of course dry them. Push them over the grip. That’s it.

Please make also sure that you order the correct grips.
You can find all sizes in the product description.
If you install too small grips they will of course crack!

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The average rating of this product is 5 of 5:
(after 3 Ratings)
Keith W. wrote | 2021-04-06:
Fitted perfectly as replacements to my tired heated grips. Warmed the old grips up and carefully pull away from the handlebars and cut along the grip to remove being careful not to slice through wiring elements. The elements are recessed into a hard plastic so not too much to worry about if you take care. The new grips slid on with a little silicon lubricant very easily.

Joe V. wrote | 2015-09-13:
The staff at Horning are very dedicated to service. The replacement rubber grips, are of the same quality as original. Also, what is nice, there is a installation video from them.

Markku wrote | 2014-04-30:
Very good part.

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