GPS Mount for BMW R 1250 RS

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Easy and fast mounting is possible with our new GPS mounting for BMW R1250RS. The windscreen can still be used in all positions and you always see your GPS without looking away from the street.
No vibrations!

In order to mount BMW Navigators, you need part number 44018.

For Garmin Zumo 550, Zumo 590, Zumo 595, Zumo 660 & Nüvi you also need part number 44004.

For TomTom GPS systems, please order our special adapter (tomt-Ad Ed 2) in addition to part no. 44018 and 44004.

Note: If handlebar risers are installed you need part no. 44004 and the Zumo adapter (Zumo-Ad) in addition to part no. 44018 in order to mount BMW Navigators and Garmin devices.

There is a video for this product - watch here!

GPS Mount R1250RS

Article-No. : 44018

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 59,90
USD: 69,68 $
GBP: 52,49 £
AUD: 90,91 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

GPS Mounting for Garmin devices

Article-No. : 44004

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 39,90
USD: 46,41 $
GBP: 34,96 £
AUD: 60,56 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

This adapter is made for all Garmin SPIII, SP26**, 2720 & Zumo (not for ZUMO 340, 345, 350, 390 and 395). With this adapter the GPS is 12mm closer to you and it can be dislocated 7,5mm or 15mm higher or lower as usual. You need this option for the Zumo's bus bar.
Made of black Pom incl. all screws.

Article-No. : Zumo-Ad

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 11,60
USD: 13,49 $
GBP: 10,17 £
AUD: 17,61 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Adapter for TomTom 2nd Edition/Urban Rider Pro/TomTom 2013 LM, TomTom 400, 410, 420, 450, 500 & 550
Incl. screws for mounting in the GPS mount and the TomTom holder.

Article-No. : tomt-Ad Ed 2

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 15,90
USD: 18,49 $
GBP: 13,93 £
AUD: 24,13 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Adapter for 1" RAM ball

Article-No. : ram-1zoll

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 34,90
USD: 40,60 $
GBP: 30,58 £
AUD: 52,97 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

4 pieces stainless steel Allen screw M8 for replacing the special screws

Article-No. : 2534-520

Availability: on short call    Show details
Price: € 7,50
USD: 8,72 $
GBP: 6,57 £
AUD: 11,38 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Questions about this article

How can I get more space for the steering angle without having to put the navigation system in a too high position?
In addition to using our adapters you can also rotate your brake and clutch levers with the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs slightly down. Thereby, you can obtain more comfort and enough space for your navigation system in the majority of cases.

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Tuomas wrote | 2020-03-18:
Looks quality product and very nice instructions how to install it. Special thanks for the video ;).

Ukrsowner wrote | 2019-11-08:
Excellent product that positions the sat nav exactly where it needs to be. The only improvement I would make is that the instructions don't mention tbat you have to disconnect the screen in order to fit this bracket.

Steve Smith wrote | 2019-10-28:
The installation video made it very easy to install GPS mounting and move the Navigator 6 to its new position. I agree that the GPS is now much easier to check on, without looking away from the road, there are no vibrations of the GPS in use, the standard windscreen and replacement Puig touring windscreen can both be used in both positions still and removal of the factory fit GPS mount on the handlebars means there is no longer an issue with my tank bag hitting the mount on full lock.

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