Top Case Outdoor Cover

- High-quality cover for motorcycles with top case and...

Price € 102,90
without VAT plus shipping

Chrome cap I

The chrome caps for the gear oil filler screw are an...

Price € 4,60
without VAT plus shipping

Garage Trolley Plus

Article number 2012N: Garage Trolley 320kg...

Price € 148,50
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Charger Optimate 4 Dual

With a plug for your BMW (article 90013) Without...

Price € 84,90
without VAT plus shipping

Quick Connect

For the fuel pipe. Each part of the Quick Connecter seals...

Price € 22,90
without VAT plus shipping

Soft Gripps

These Soft Gripps will give more comfort to your ride and...

Price € 21,00
without VAT plus shipping

Quick Connect brass

Quick-release couplings made of brass This...

Price € 42,90
without VAT plus shipping


BMW R1150R & Rockster Bikes

Our S-lifter fits for BMW R1100S, R1150R, Rockster....

Price € 87,90
without VAT plus shipping

USB Angle Plug for motorcycle socket

This USB plug is an adapter for the adaptation of various...

Price € 15,30
without VAT plus shipping

Automatic battery charger

This automatic charger is a microprocessor-controlled,...

Price € 81,50
without VAT plus shipping

USB socket with On/Off switch

The specially designed USB socket (max. 2,1 A) sets the...

Price € 25,30
without VAT plus shipping

USB angle plug dual 3300mA

This USB plug is a new adapter for the adaptation of...

Price € 36,90
without VAT plus shipping

USB Tank Bag Cable

This USB tank bag cable is on one side equipped with the...

Price € 21,50
without VAT plus shipping

Autosol Bluing Remover

Removes blue and brown staining from stainless steel...

Price € 15,50
without VAT plus shipping

90 degree Valve Stem Adapter

This is the solution to getting at those hard-to-reach...

Price € 10,90
without VAT plus shipping

AirMan Sparrow Air Pump

The AirMan Sparrow air pump can also be used for cars and...

Price € 34,90
without VAT plus shipping

Magnetic sump plug

For all 4V Boxer models (R) and K 1100/1200 RS/GT & LT....

Price € 6,25
without VAT plus shipping


Fits into the original BMW socket or into our

Price € 5,50
without VAT plus shipping

Blind Angle Mirror

Just a little piece, but much more security. The blind...

Price € 5,20
without VAT plus shipping

Supercover Outdoor Cover

100% waterproof, yet breathable and designed to fold...

Price € 92,50
without VAT plus shipping

Indoor Cover

Perfect for keeping your motorcyle free from dust and...

Price € 100,00
without VAT plus shipping

Throttle Control

Our throttle control is a device that easily wraps around...

Price € 11,00
without VAT plus shipping

Round head screws

These round head screws with hexagon socket are made of...

Price € 0,50
without VAT plus shipping

Cigarette Lighter Socket Kit

This kit features a standard 12 volt socket and allows...

Price € 19,00
without VAT plus shipping

Disc Lock RK6

More security for your motorcycle. Drop-forged steel with...

Price € 62,00
without VAT plus shipping

Cleaning & Polish

Motorcycle cleaner. Plastic, aluminium, stainless steel...

Price € 11,50
without VAT plus shipping

Extra power socket

Power socket with cover and mounting bracket, 50 cm line...

Price € 16,00
without VAT plus shipping

Alarm Disc Lock RK10

Added security and high quality for your motorcycle. Drop...

Price € 130,00
without VAT plus shipping

USB-Adapter for motorcycle socket

Our USB adapter for the motorcycle socket (USB3) adapts...

Price € 15,60
without VAT plus shipping

USB-Socket Outlet

USB socket outlet for mounting without adapters which use...

Price € 20,00
without VAT plus shipping

Screw & captive washer

These rust-resistant screws are made of stainless steel...

Price € 0,60
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Switch

BA18 is a fully insulated battery master switch for...

Price € 18,40
without VAT plus shipping


Thread locking compounds are used throughout industry,...

Price € 9,00
without VAT plus shipping

Paint protection

BMW R850R & R1100R Bikes

Accurately pre-cut protection with 100% transparency!...

Price € 30,70
without VAT plus shipping

Paint protection

BMW R850R, R1150R & Rockster Bikes

Accurately pre-cut protection, 100% transparent! For...

Price € 30,90
without VAT plus shipping

Bavaria Outdoor Cover

Effective and inexpensive. Light motorcycle cover made of...

Price € 53,00
without VAT plus shipping

Key fob BMW

This nice key ring with the letters BMW is made of soft...

Price € 5,00
without VAT plus shipping

Angular USB adapter for motorcycle socket

Our USB adapter for the motorcycle socket (USB10) adapts...

Price € 19,95
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Guard

Battery monitoring with the smartphone - with the intAct...

Price € 30,00
without VAT plus shipping


First aid kit, signal vest and bulb box

Price € 11,30
without VAT plus shipping

Coding plug

BMW R850R (1994-2001), R1100R, R1150R & Rockster Bikes

If the motorcycle is not running correctly if you demand...

Price € 12,50
without VAT plus shipping

Luggage Net

You can secure your luggage with this net on the pillion...

Price € 7,90
without VAT plus shipping

S/S screws

Brake fluid & clutch reservoir get a new look with these...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

Aluminium valve caps

These hexagonal valve caps are made of black anodized /...

Price € 2,60
without VAT plus shipping

USB Double Socket

The especially designed USB twin socket (max. 2A + 1A)...

Price € 25,40
without VAT plus shipping


Establishes a connection between the small BMW motorcycle...

Price € 13,40
without VAT plus shipping

S100 Visor and Helmet Cleaner with Cloth

This cleaner makes a scratch- and streak-free cleaning of...

Price € 13,10
without VAT plus shipping

Power Station NP400

Jump starting the easy way! The NOMAD POWER 400 - a power...

Price € 139,00
without VAT plus shipping

Disc Lock small

You should take this high-quality disc lock in striking...

Price € 30,80
without VAT plus shipping

Map pouch

This map pouch is a perfect thing for the rider who...

Price € 24,90
without VAT plus shipping

Adapter cable

Fits our

Price € 13,50
without VAT plus shipping

S100 Motorcycle Total Cleaner

S100 Motorcycle Total Cleaner - new formula: No. 1 in...

Price € 17,10
without VAT plus shipping

Cable connector set

Allows the connection of up to 5 terminals to the battery...

Price € 10,30
without VAT plus shipping

Handlebar Tension Belt

This high-quality handlebar tension belt is the perfect...

Price € 25,00
without VAT plus shipping


It is pretty difficult to use the big battery jumper...

Price € 15,40
without VAT plus shipping

USB Adapter

cigarette lighter Bikes

You can charge or use two devices on your motorcycle with...

Price € 15,60
without VAT plus shipping

Chrome cap II

Chrome cap II was created for covering the gear oil...

Price € 4,50
without VAT plus shipping

Spiral Wrapping

High-quality PE-spiral ribbon (also called cable manager...

Price € 3,30
without VAT plus shipping

Mini Switch (On/Off)

On/Off switch in mini housing. For example to switch off...

Price € 13,30
without VAT plus shipping

Liqui Moly Longtime-grease

Liqui Moly longtime-grease with MOS2, 100 gramms...

Price € 6,90
without VAT plus shipping

ariete Brake Lock

The ariete brake lock is very easy to use. You push it...

Price € 12,00
without VAT plus shipping

Electronic Protector

The Electronic Protector is to connect directly to the...

Price € 10,50
without VAT plus shipping

Tyre fix

No need to change the tyre after you have holed it....

Price € 8,00
without VAT plus shipping

Universal Heated Grips

motorcycles Bikes

Daytona Heated Grips 12V for 22mm (7/8 Inch) handle...

Price € 69,90
without VAT plus shipping

Autosol Anodized Aluminium Polish

Autosol Polish for Anodized Aluminium is a special polish...

Price € 7,50
without VAT plus shipping

Foam Cleaner

Bike Clean foam cleaner for the fast cleaning....

Price € 10,00
without VAT plus shipping

AIV Blade Fuse-Holder 2,5 smm

This fuse holder includes a 20A flat fuse and can be...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

90 degree Valve Stem silver

The usual valve stems and the air compressors at petrol...

Price € 11,00
without VAT plus shipping


The specially hardened steel has a diameter of 16 mm and...

Price € 125,00
without VAT plus shipping

Throttle Body Cleaner

This throttle body cleaner removes oily and fatty...

Price € 9,95
without VAT plus shipping

S100 Multi Oil

This S100 multi oil can be used to lubricate all the...

Price € 12,00
without VAT plus shipping

Petrol stabiliser

Petrol stabiliser Liqui Moly 5107 Preserves and...

Price € 11,60
without VAT plus shipping


BMW R1150R Bikes

This black carpet with grey R1150R writing is also named...

Price € 100,00
without VAT plus shipping

Motorcycle Stand

With this universal motorcycle stand you can place...

Price € 99,00
without VAT plus shipping

Blind Angle Mirror Glasses

BMW R850R (2002- ), R1150R & R1150R Rockster Bikes

The Blind Angle Mirror Glass will be glued on the...

Price € 48,90
without VAT plus shipping

Switch Relay 12V

Switching relay to protect additional headlights, horns...

Price € 9,90
without VAT plus shipping

Motorcycle Stand with pedestals

With this universal motorcycle stand you can place...

Price € 89,90
without VAT plus shipping

Battery quick-connect system

This convenient battery quick-connect system is a useful...

Price € 13,15
without VAT plus shipping

Power supply for tank bags

On one side of the cable is a Mini-DIN-Angle-Plug...

Price € 20,90
without VAT plus shipping

Insect Remover

An improved active formula easily removes dead insects....

Price € 11,90
without VAT plus shipping

Cable ties

20 pieces black plastic cable ties with a length of 100mm...

Price € 5,00
without VAT plus shipping

Universal Plug (ZIG/DIN)

Thanks to its red cap, this plug fits into cigarette...

Price € 6,60
without VAT plus shipping

Motorcycle cleaner / Insect remover with precleaning

This motorcycle cleaner / insect remover with precleaning...

Price € 17,90
without VAT plus shipping

Polish for matt varnish

S100 matt wax spray: Retains and protects the...

Price € 13,10
without VAT plus shipping

Reflective vest

Super-stretch reflective vest for greater visibility, day...

Price € 40,20
without VAT plus shipping

Lock-chain combo

Park you bike securely and flexibly with our lock-chain...

Price € 160,10
without VAT plus shipping

The batterie of your R850R , R1100R and R1150R always needs a focus. To load your GEL battery ✅ on your bike easily, you need our charger Optimate 4. There are two possibilities. Either you use the charging cable for the 12V port on your BMW or a cable for direct connection to the battery. The fully automated battery optimiser Optimate 4, is for checking, loading and testing, and for revitalization of deeply discharged batteries. So you can shunt your bike easily, we recommend our garage trolley. It is suitable for all machines with the main stand up to 45cm width and loadable up to 320kg and 400kg. Our S-lifter is ideally suitable for servicing, overwintering, tire change and repair of your R1150R & Rockster. If you want to achieve longer work comfortable it is advantageous to acquire a suitable lifting platform. We offer a hydraulic lifting platform up to 360 kg capacity, or a hydraulic lifting platform with lifting capacity up to 450 kg. If the connectivity options should be to little you can use our extra power socket as a replacement outlet or charging socket, the large power socket as additional outlet for all consumers with DIN plug for cigarette lighter. Our adapter cable provides a connection between outlet and articles with cigarette lighter plug. Our connector cable is suitable for original BMW or identical standard charging connectors. Ideal for connecting additional devices such as Navi. Even beyond we have been thinking about the issue of security and compiled many useful products for you. For a clear view you care with the anti-fog film from Held. The plastic material breaks the surface tension of breath and thus the moisture evaporates. For your own safety you should not miss the first aid kit, the signal vest, the bulb box and the LED pocket lamp during the tour. You also can do something for the safety of your tires. Our tire pressure control is a so called check pressure at a glance. Put in the correct pressure - Screw on and leave. When pressure reduces the central red indicator is visible. The tire pressure control does not replace the frequently necessary check pressure. With our 90 degree valve stem adapter you get easier at the inaccessible valves. Just screw it on, check the air pressure and screw it off. If you still have a flat tire with your R1100R or R1150R, than use our tire fix without tire change. Useable or all types of tires with and without a inner tube. Seals holes in the tire and pumped it up again. The ride to the nearest workshop or service station is no longer a problem. A little bit of security you get with our quick connect for the fuel line. This quick connector prevents leakage in both directions. Do you want to protect the laqueur of your R1100R against scatches, than use our paint protection. The films are available in different sets and to different parts, easily to install and you can remove them without residues. To attach the films, we recommend our scraper with felt. Our bikecam2 is a waterproof camera for professional video recording. The bikecam2 can be fasten on your helmet or on the steering wheel. To really bring your bike to a high gloss, we have many excellent products on offer. Our products range from the foam cleaner, an insekt remover over the procycle special-gel-cleaner to the plastic-, acryl- and plexiglaspolish and the alu-, stailess steel- and chrome-cleaner. You can give your R850R or R1150R with these high quality brand-name products a great shine. Our blind angle-mirror allows the sight in the blind spot. By means of an adhesive film the small mirror can be attached on each mirror. Also for safety, in this case for protection against theft serves our disc lock. This high-quality disc lock in a conspicuous signal color you should have on every trip abroad there. The accessory for year-round riders are heated grip rubbers. Pleasant warmth in spring, autumn and winter with an easy installation. The smartest alternative to the cruise control is our throttle rocker. This is no lock, but an additive that enables the dynamic and spontaneous adaptation of speed. Our trendy key fob made of punched foam with BMW lettering also prevents any scratching of the paint. A completely different look offers the key fob with the miniature bulb. It consists of aluminum which is anodized gold. A further visual enhancement of your R11R or R1150 Rockster is the VA round head srew with hexagon socket and the VA flange head srews. Because of your material made of VA stainless steel you will enjoy it for long, because they do not rust. The chrome cap I for the gear oil filler screw and the chrome cap II for the cardan oil filler screw peps up the exterior of your BMW on a simple way.