Engine oil LIQUI MOLY

Fully synthetic or semi-synthetic high-performance engine...

Price € 66,90
without VAT plus shipping

Engine Oil

These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the...

Price € 17,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil level control

You can install this oil level control (also called oil...

Price € 33,95
without VAT plus shipping

Front brake pads for Brembo brake calipers

Front brake pads for Brembo brake calipers (see image...

Price € 39,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filter

Only the correct oil filter ensures that your oil is free of...

Price € 12,50
without VAT plus shipping

Rear brake pads

Lucas ABE/TÜV brake pads are characterised by high quality...

Price € 36,90
without VAT plus shipping

Front brake pads for BMW brake calipers (Hayes brake)

Front brake pads for BMW brake calipers (Hayes brake, see...

Price € 44,90
without VAT plus shipping

Rubber Grips for Multi Controller

Our rubber grips improve the rider's riding pleasure and...

Price € 28,90
without VAT plus shipping

Brake fluid

This high performance brake fluid for street, off-road and...

Price € 11,50
without VAT plus shipping

Anti Squeal Paste

The anti squeal paste can be used for the whole brake system...

Price € 4,80
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Pole Fat

This Procycle battery pole fat was especially developed for...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

NGK Spark plugs

Not only in a race the right spark at the right moment can...

Special price € 18,50
instead of € 19,50

without VAT plus shipping

Air filter

Choose the correct air filter and give your bike the...

Price € 38,90
without VAT plus shipping

Endurance Chain Kit maintenance-free

Maintenance-free Regina chain kits are the best choice for...

Price € 375,90
without VAT plus shipping

Gel battery

Gel battery, in order to provide enough power for the start...

Price € 59,90
without VAT plus shipping
(inkl. 7,50 € Pfand §10 BattG)

At the change of season, it is always important to bring your motorbike up to date. It is essential to check the spare parts. You can get them all here with us. We have the suitable brake pads in our range for both the Brembo brake caliper and the BMW brake caliper (Hayes brake) . Also, air and oil filters often need to be changed, as well as the spark plugs. Furthermore, we also have spare parts such as the rubber grips and the oil level control for you. To keep everything nice and supple, we recommend the anti-squeal paste, the copper paste and the battery pole fat. Our latest sensation is the Endurance maintenance-free chain kit for the S1000R (2021-*).