Seat conversion (one-piece seat) for BMW S 1000 XR (2015-2019)

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We cannot accept seat shipments from Non-EU countries due to incurring customs fees. If you have to ship your seat to us from outside the European Union, we unfortunately cannot offer you our service “seat modification”.

The seat is modified according to your individual needs. Based on your information on our seat data sheet, we can adapt the seat to you in terms of hardness, contour and height. Among other things, a groove (deepened middle of the seat) is possible, which noticeably relieves the coccyx if there are problems with it.

The seat conversion is possible with different height options:

1: like the original seat
2: lower (up to -25mm)
3: higher (up to +25mm)

Many seats are also offered by BMW in a low version - these cannot be lowered further.

By default we use non-slip black synthetic leather and black stitching for the seat conversion (other colors are also possible). Several colors or different types of imitation leather, lettering and other customizations are possible at an additional cost.
Example modifications: Examples of seat modifications

Please fill out the seat change form and send it to us. Please wait for our confirmation before sending the seat to us. In this way you can avoid unnecessary shipping costs if a conversion cannot be carried out as desired.
Your data sheet: Please fill in and send to us!

Your seat will be modified - it must be sent in!
The modification will take about 2 weeks.

Each image of the service "seat conversion" can of course only be an example! Seams are not always possible with very soft seats, for example! Our upholsterer can only decide whether a seam needs to be incorporated or not after he has received the information on your form.

If there is no seat heating as standard, an accessory seat heating can be retrofitted with the seat conversion.
The retrofit includes the installation of a 2-stage (15W/30W) seat heater and all connection parts required for operation.
After installing a seat heater, the cable for the power supply is led out under the seat shell (approx. 20 cm long with plug connection). You will receive an approx. 120cm long connection cable with a two-stage, round built-in toggle switch (diameter approx. 20mm) for each heated seat position. The connection to the electrical system of your motorcycle should be carried out by a specialist workshop, knowledge of motorcycle electronics is required! A circuit diagram is included.
The illustration of the lead-through of the connection cable is an example. The location of the grommet may vary depending on the seat and model.

We assume no guarantee for a seat heater is already installed. If the seat heating worked before the seat conversion, it will also work after the seat conversion.

Change one-piece seat black

Article-No. : sb

Availability: on short call    Show details
Price: € 329,00
USD: 356,64 $
GBP: 280,44 £
AUD: 539,36 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Change one-piece seat black, with installation of seat heating for driver

Article-No. : sb-sb.heizF

Availability: on short call    Show details
Price: € 527,00
USD: 571,27 $
GBP: 449,21 £
AUD: 863,96 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Change one-piece seat black, with installation of seat heating for driver & passenger

Article-No. : sb-sb.heizFS

Availability: on short call    Show details
Price: € 725,00
USD: 785,90 $
GBP: 617,99 £
AUD: 1.188,57 $A

without VAT plus shipping

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Do I have to send my seat to you (Germany)?
Yes, you have to send your seat to us for the alteration (change)!


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By default, we use non-slip black synthetic leather and...