BMW K1200GT Conversion

2008-05-27 - Perfect Touring

The BMW K1200GT conversion from Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH was presented for the first time at the BMW Motorcycle Mountain Days in Kaprun, Austria and the visitors loved it.
The BMW deluxe Tourer is already a very good motorbike but Hornig tried to design it unique and to improve its touring and comfort qualities as well as individualizing it for the driver.

BMW K1200GTPrintable PictureBMW Motorcycle K1200GT Boxen LuderPrintable Picture

In order to improve its touring qualities the seats were equipped with a fluting to release the tailbone. The seats were also broadened for about 15mm.
The padding consists of two layers, the upper one comfortably soft and the lower one avoids denting. They especially took care of the pillion rider’s comfort:
Here, the seat was increased in the middle front part to inhibit a cramped position. These alterations care for a tangible comfortable riding - free from pain. Also the vexatious sliding when the driver brakes has an end now. The seats are slippage related material.
Driver’s sear 189,- Euro
Pillion rider’s seat 184,- Euro
Not only the seat ensures more driving pleasure but also the new V-Stream Windscreen with its 64cm height and 60cm width, which protects the driver very good from the wind.
Windscreen 199,- Euro

BMW K 1200 GTPrintable PictureBMW K1200GT Clear LensesPrintable Picture

Ultimate perfection of the Tourer ensures the waterproof bags for the side cases which fit perfect to the shape of the original side cases with an extra space for documents and small things with a shoulder strap for easy packing and unpacking.
Inside bags 39,90 Euro
In combination with the 23-liter waterproof tank bag it is no problem to take everything with you for a great trip.
Tank bag 114,90 Euro
Because of the GPS mounting behind the handlebar it no problem to have a very good view on it also when you use a big tank bag and it won’t take a long time to view back to the road.
GPS Mounting 89,90 Euro

BMW K 1200 GT Exhaust Remus RevolutionPrintable PictureBMW K1200GT GPS MountingPrintable Picture

Even more comfort provide the brake- and shift lever enlarger together with the higher sidestand foot enlargement which makes the much easier to bring the fully loaded bike from the side stand into driving position.
Brake pedal enlargement 29,90 Euro
Shift lever enlargement 19,95 Euro
Sidestand foot enlargement 29,90 Euro
A Remus Revolution Titan exhaust arranges for the more power and the correct sound which is necessary for such a bike.
The BMW K1200GT was also coloured in Alpina white from the new BMW M3 E92 and an extra designed “K”-sticker (which will be available soon) was attached to the bike for unique looking just like many other items:
Rear wheel center lug cover 60,90 Euro
Axle journal cover 21,90 Euro
Frame cover 12,20 Euro
Center cap cover 22,50 Euro
Cooler screen 19,90 Euro
Clear Turning Signals 74,90 Euro

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