BMW R1200GS Conversion

2009-05-08 - A better view and more safety on a R1200GS

Ritzenried. The Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH presents their BMW R1200GS conversion at the beginning of the new motorcycle season. The R1200GS is available since 2004, but BMW launched a face lift model in 2008 of the most popular bike in the world.
The company Hornig from the bavarian forest developed among other parts Extra Lights for the new R1200GS in order to have a better view at night but also be seen more easier and faster from other car drivers. These Extra Lights are mounted under a special side cover which can be made of GRP or Carbon Fiber.
Extra Lights with side covers 499,- Euro
Consistent with the red painting a red Rear Hugger was mounted, which not only protects the legs of the rider and pillion rider from water but also the whole bike from dirt and spread water.
Rear Hugger 224,90 Euro
Also the seat was changed
Change front and rear seat 373,- Euro
and the new V-Stream windscreen ensures the wind protection on longer trips.
V-Stream Windscreen 149,95 Euro

BMW R1200GSPrintable pictureBMW Motorrad R 1200 GSPrintable picture

Many other items provide small but very useful extras for example the GPS Mounting above the speedo, the chrashbars, the sidestand hightening and the mirror extensions.
GPS Mounting 99,90 Euro
Crashbars 159,95 Euro
Sidestand heightening 29,60 Euro
Mirror Extentions 59,90 Euro

BMW R 1200 GSPrintable pictureBMW Motorrad R1200GSPrintable picture

The handle bar risers provide not only more comfort when you sit on the bike but also when you stand on it while you drive off road and many small aluminium items made from the company Hornig round out this R1200GS conversion.
Handle Bar Risers 38,90 Euro
Shift lever extension 20,30 Euro
Brake Pedal Enlargment 16,50 Euro
Rear Wheel Center Cover 60,90 Euro

BMW R 1200 GS 2008Printable pictureBMW Motorrad R1200GS 2008Printable picture

Axel Pivot Cover 21,90 Euro
Oil Filler plug 25,- Euro
Oil Cooler Protection 45,90 Euro
Fork Tube Cover 19,90 Euro

BMW R1200GS 2008Printable pictureBMW Motorrad R 1200 GS 2008Printable picture

Frame Cover 11,90 Euro
Break- and Cluthliquidcovers 38,95 Euro
Swing Arm Pivot Covers 15,40 Euro
Telelever End Caps 28,90 Euro
Clear Indicator Lenses 19,95 Euro
Paint Protection 22,- Euro

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