BMW R1200GS LC conversion by Hornig

2013-06-12 - more protection and more custom

We will present our brand new BMW R1200GS LC 2013 conversion to the BMW Motorrad riders at the BMW Motorrad Days 2013 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. On the hand we paid attention to the protection of rider and bike, on the other hand we paid attention to more comfort and to make it a custom motorcycle. Nothing you will see at every biker meeting.
Our two main parts for the safety were our Nautilus horn with its stainless steel mounting, wiring kit and BMW plug for easy and fast installation, as well as a crash bar, which can be combined with a fairing crash bar.
Our Cardan crash protector and our oil filler plug, which can only be opened with tools, provide even more security to rider and motorcycle, like the side stand foot enlargement, which can also be made higher.
The cooler and air intake grids are easy to install and keep the cleaning effort as low as possible. Our mirror extensions make sure that you can see more than your shoulders in the mirrors and our GPS Mounting over the speedo (for Garmin and TomTom with special adapters) makes sure that the Navigation Unit is close to the road and everything is within your view.

The carbon fiber side fairing doesn't have to hide behind the fairing crash bar. Highest possible product quality makes your water cooled R1200GS unique.
We use lots of aluminium milling and lathe parts to cover the holes of the liquid cooled R1200GS's frame, like our rear wheel hub cover and the suspension mounting covers.
With our service "Change front & rear seat", we offer to alter your seats like you want them to be. That means you send your seat to us and we alter it for you. We build a complete new core, adjusted to your needs, weight and size and we cover your seat with a special leather that will make sure that you stay always at the same place.
We installed a handlebar bag for easy to reach space. For more power and the necessary sound we installed the Remus HexaCone Titanium with removable db-Eater.

Nautilus Horn
Oil filler plug with emblem
Side stand foot enlargement
Cooler protection
Air Intake Grid
Mirror Extensions
GPS Mounting above Speedo

Carbon Side Fairing
Beak enlargement
Rear wheel centre cover
Covers Suspension Mounting
Frame Covers-Engine Mounting
Swing arm pivot covers
Rear Frame covers
Frame cover left
Fork tube cover
Change front & rear seat
Handlebar bag
Remus HexaCone Titanium

BMW R1200GS 2013 Hornig conversionPrintable PictureBMW R1200GS 2013 water cooled HornigPrintable Picture
BMW R1200GS 2013 Water cooled HornigPrintable PictureBMW R1200GS LC 2013 HornigPrintable Picture
BMW R1200GS 2013 liquid cooled HornigPrintable PictureBMW R1200GS WC 2013 HornigPrintable Picture

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