BMW R1100GS Scrambler conversion

2015-03-02 - based on our R1100R Scrambler

To the first birthday of our known R1100R scrambler we treat ourselves with a further reconstruction. After careful consideration, we decided to build another Scrambler. This time the basis was a R1100GS. After a suitable machine for the conversion (built in 1997; 78,000 km; purchase price of approximately 2000 Euro) was acquired, it was time for disassembling until only the major components were left. This turned out to be more difficult than originally expected because the R1100GS has already been considerably remodelled. For example a race tail has been mounted and also other parts no longer conform to the original state. That is why we first started dismantling the R1100GS to obtain a reasonable foundation for our modification.

First we removed the entire rear end including the seat bench, cut off the frame after the driver seat and welded a bracket at the end of the frame, where later the aluminum fender (89,60 Euro) was attached to. The reflector and the rear light unit were also installed there (26,95 Euro). This time the intention of the reconstruction was not only "leave out everything superfluous". Our new scrambler should receive the TÜV-plaque (German street homologation), too. So we had to install some attachment parts like indicators, control lamps and a custom-made licence-plate holder.

By removing the entire front fairing a new headlight and the right holder were mounted (125,00 Euro + 400,00 Euro). We also installed a new speedometer (100,00 Euro). The oil cooler, which is normally located in the front fairing, was housed unobtrusively by our mechanic in front of the engine. Therefore we produced a matching steel braided hose. The costs for this were approximately 100 Euro.

Next, the tank was painted in the BMW Motorsport colours respectively coated. The costs amounted to about 400,00 Euro. Also, the exhaust was visually and acoustically improved by a Remus product (reuse of already mounted Remus Viper muffler). The standard collector was replaced by a custom product by Penzel Bikes (200,00 Euro). Further the original BMW seat had to be amended in such a way, that it blends well with the entire concept. Approximately 200,00 Euro were needed for the seat bench modification.

As our GS was already equipped with spoke wheels, this time we could avoid the effort for searching and altering and had only to change the tires. We chose Mefo Sport tires. Thanks to the coarse profile that tires go very well with our Scrambler. The tires have the following dimensions:
Front: 110/80 B19 M/C 129,95 Euro
Rear: 150/70 B17 M/C 175,52 Euro

To complete the overall concept, we even mounted various aluminum products from our product range with a total value of about 200,00 Euro. Our BMW R1100GS Scrambler conversion is another unique specimen as well as a lot of the parts that we have installed at the Scrambler. Some parts were newly - or further developed in order to meet our requirements. The conversion is intended to be used as a template or inspiration. We would be pleased about a reproduction or a development. We cannot guarantee that you will receive an approval from all Technical Inspection Agencies (in Germany: TÜV, Dekra or GÜT) with this conversion. The experiences which we made with our first conversion are reflected here. Prior to the start of the rebuilding we had contacted the TÜV in Cham, Germany again to clarify whether we still have to pay attention at something else at our second conversion.

The total conversion amounted to approximately 5500,00 Euro and was realised it in about 50 hours. However the research, organization work and the procurement of the parts were not included in the calculation.

BMW ScramblerPrintable PictureBMW Boxer ScramblerPrintable Picture
BMW ScramblerPrintable PictureBMW Scrambler R1100GSPrintable Picture
BMW Scrambler HornigPrintable PictureBMW Scrambler R1100GS HornigPrintable Picture
BMW ScramblerPrintable PictureBMW Boxer ScramblerPrintable Picture
BMW ScramblerPrintable PictureBMW Boxer ScramblerPrintable Picture

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