Important information
Regular maintenance is a must for a reliable and good motorcycle. Under normal driving conditions you can do the service a few hundred km sooner or later.
Subsequent you will find technical data as well as maintenance and service information.
We make no claim to completeness or accuracy of all data, these are only for your information.

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  BMW C 600 Sport 2012-      
Technical Specifications:              
Capacity: 647 ccm
Cylinder: 2
HP/KW: 60/44
Weight (kg): 248
Seat height (mm): 780
Valve clearance (in): cold 0,16-0,24 mm
Valve clearance (out): cold 0,24-0,32 mm
Idle speed:  
Injection: Injection
Tire pressure (front): 2,4 bar
Tire pressure (rear): 2,5 (2,9) bar
Spark plug 1: NGK LMAR8D-J
Spark plug 2: -
Standpipe ě: 40 mm USD-fork
Drive: Chain
Fork oil per rod:  
Engine oil without filter: SAE 15W-50
Engine oil with filter: ca.3,1 L min. API SJ
Transmission oil: 330 ml 75W-140 GL-5
Brake fluid: DOT 4
Final drive oil: 750 ml 75W-140 GL-5
Fuel: 16,0 litres
Coolant: water+

Running-in Check / 600 miles (1.000 km) service:

Performing vehicle test with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
Setting service-due date and service countdown distance
Replacing oil strainer with oil aspiration pipe
Oil change, engine, with filter
Checking chain sag and retorquing the screwing of the swing arm box cover
Checking front and rear brake fluid level
Lubricating side stand
Lubricating bearing of the bowden cable for the locking brake and checking the basic setting and the holding effect of the locking brake
Checking play of throttle cable
Checking coolant level
Checking tire pressures and tread depth
Checking steering-head bearing
Checking lights and signalling equipment
Function test, engine start suppression
Final inspection and check of roadworthiness
Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation

6.000 miles (10.000 km) service (30.000 km / 50.000 km):

12.000 miles (20.000km) service (40.000 km / 60.000 km):