Rubber Grips

Our rubber grips improve the rider's feeling and safety....

Price € 26,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Engine Oil

These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the...

Price € 16,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Engine oil LIQUI MOLY

Fully synthetic or semi-synthetic high-performance engine...

Price € 60,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Oil filter

BMW C600Sport & C650GT Bikes

(For other motorcycles please ask) Only the correct...

Price € 12,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Oil filter tool

BMW C600Sport & C650GT Bikes

Made of high-quality steel to remove the oil filter as...

Price € 19,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

NGK Spark plugs

BMW C600Sport & C650GT Bikes

Not only in a race the right spark at the right moment...

Price € 14,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear

BMW C600 Sport, C650 Sport & C650GT Bikes

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear...

Price € 2,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

5x screws M8x15,5 ZNS3 MK

Our screw kit includes 5x screws with the size M8x15,5...

Price € 13,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Cooling Liquid

Amine, nitrite and phosphate free antifreezing fluid...

Price € 11,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

4x screws M8x32-10.9 ZNS3

Our screw kit includes 4x screws with the size M8x32-10.9...

Price € 16,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Front/Rear Brake Disc

BMW C600 Sport, C650GT, C650 Sport Bikes

Cool design, the finest high technology, with TUV, and...

Price € 122,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

The AGIP engine oils ✅ meet the requirements of BMW's specifications or classifications and because of this they fit perfect to the superior BMW C 600 Sport riders. To remove the oil filter of your scooter quickly and easily you will find an oil filter tool in our range which is made of high quality steel. So that you are able to enjoy your BMW C 600 Sport for a long time you should pay attention that the oil is always perfect and is free of all particles. Therefore we recommend an oil filter. With this filter you can increase the service life immensely and also ensure the perfect running of the engine. New in our product line are our NGK spark plugs because not only in motorsport the right spark at the right time decides on victory or defeat.