Change one-piece seat

A distinct fluting (middle of the seat is deepened)...

Special price € 269,10
instead of € 299,00

incl. VAT plus shipping

Tail-, Rear Seat Bag

Designed to perfectly fit on the rack or rear seat and...

Price € 73,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag EA118

Extendable TANKLOCK bag for Enduro motorcycles, 25...

Price € 101,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Inside Bag

BMW F800R (2015- ) Bikes

These bags help you to load and unload the touring cases...

Price € 49,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V56

V56 MAXIA 4 Monokey top case Capacity: 2 helmets...

Price € 247,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag EA123

"Mini" TANKLOCK bag, 5 ltr. Materials: -...

Price € 59,40
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V47

V47 Monokey top case Capacity: 2 helmets Size:...

Price € 209,99
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag UT810 with lock

TanklockED extendable tank bag for Enduro motorcycles,...

Price € 179,99
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case Trekker Dolomiti

Top Case Trekker Dolomiti Monokey with 30 liters or 46...

Price € 269,99
incl. VAT plus shipping

Side Cases Trekker Dolomiti

Pair of 36 liters natural aluminium Monokey cases plus a...

Price € 499,99
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tank Bag

A map pouch with a zipper is on top of the tank bag. This...

Price € 53,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V40

V40 Monokey top case Capacity: 1 helmet Size: W...

Price € 119,99
incl. VAT plus shipping


With 19 Litre each (left and right). The bags will be...

Price € 156,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Duffel Bag

With high-quality cords in order to fasten the bag on the...

Price € 74,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tie-Down Straps with Cam Buckles

Set of 2 tie-down straps with cam buckles. Contains: 2...

Price € 6,80
incl. VAT plus shipping

Topcase Mounting

Specific plate for Monokey case like B33, V40, V46, V47,...

Price € 53,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case Metal Rack V47, V56

Metallic rack for Givi Monokey cases V47 and V56 in black...

Price € 69,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top case mounting

BMW F800R (2015-) Bikes

The mounting system for the Givi Monokey topcases can...

Price € 106,60
incl. VAT plus shipping

Reflection Foil

This set of Reflection Foils (6 pieces) increases the...

Price € 20,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Bags for GIVI Aluminum Cases

These bags help you to load and unload your motorcycle...

Price € 49,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

Price € 12,50
incl. VAT plus shipping


Bungee cord: For quickly and easily fastening various...

Price € 3,00
incl. VAT plus shipping


The mounting system for all Givi Monokey topcases...

Price € 245,10
incl. VAT plus shipping

Side-Case Holder

This black tubular side-case holder is very easy and...

Price € 223,60
incl. VAT plus shipping

Even though the F800R is a Naked Bike, people like to ride longer tours. Therefor you will need enough storage room on your bike. Our tank bag ✅ can be used as a single map pouch, but also as a tank bag when you open the zipper on the side. For everyone who doesn't want to go on tour with a topcase, our tail bag is a brilliant alternative. The quick-release mount makes sure a fast mounting on your F800R's back seat or the baggage rack. The tail bag has 8 liters capacity, and can be enlarged to 16 liters. It has a carrying handle and a demountable shoulder belt. Also capable for the F00R's rear is our duffle bag. In order to fasten on the tail rack or on the rear seat. Alternatively you can use our saddlebags. These bags have 19 liters capacity (left and right) and are mounted under the seat bench. All our bags are made of coated fabric, which makes them waterproof. If you are not satisfied with your sitting posture or your seat benchs comfort, we have a solution. The F 800 R one-piece seat benches can be modified. Driver and passenger seat will get a hollow, which relieves your tailbone. Furthermore, we widen the seat bench for 15cm. A special attention is given to the pillon for whom the seat bench modification has lots of pros. The elevation of the front section of the mean range prevents a hollow back. Those modifications make sure a noticable relaxed and painfree sitting posture. Gliding on your seat while slowing down will be a thing of the past.