Handlebar Risers with Offset

Handlebar risers with offset: 25mm higher and 23mm closer...

Price € 126,00
without VAT plus shipping

Shift lever extension

Many BMW riders think that their shift lever is a little...

Price € 26,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tector brake and clutch lever

The CNC milled Tector levers fascinate by their high...

Price € 180,00
without VAT plus shipping

Licence plate bracket stainless steel adjustable

This adjustable licence plate bracket is made of...

Price € 32,90
without VAT plus shipping

Bar end weights

These bar end weights made of stainless steel or...

Price € 39,00
without VAT plus shipping

Cover clutch fluid reservoir

Cover for the clutch fluid reservoir. Honed from top...

Price € 32,00
without VAT plus shipping

Cover brake fluid reservoir

Cover for the brake fluid reservoir. Honed from top grade...

Price € 32,00
without VAT plus shipping

Side stand foot enlargement

Feel safer parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with a...

Price € 34,00
without VAT plus shipping

Brake Pedal Enlargement

It is nicely machined of aluminum and natural anodized....

Price € 41,00
without VAT plus shipping

Oil Filler Plug

This Oil Filler Plug is made of high quality aluminum and...

Price € 35,90
without VAT plus shipping

Fork Crash Protectors

These crash protectors for forks are made of cnc lathed...

Price € 68,90
without VAT plus shipping

Side stand plate

Feel safer when parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with...

Price € 6,90
without VAT plus shipping

Magura Fold Away Levers

Fold Away Lever Kit by Magura (clutch and brake lever)....

Price € 200,00
without VAT plus shipping

Synto brake- and clutch lever

Synto is the name of the 6x adjustable CNC high-precision...

Price € 198,10
without VAT plus shipping

Magura Reservoir Covers

CNC Reservoir Cover Kit by Magura. Honed from top grade...

Price € 140,00
without VAT plus shipping

Some of our products in the aluminium, high-grade steel ✅ category are designed for your comfort, such as our shift lever enlargement, which increases the thickness of the otherwise small shift lever and the length of the shift lever. This makes gear switching easy and comfortable. With our adjustable license plate holder you can mount number plates of different widths without annoying drilling. A better stand of the machine offers our side stand enlargement, which will be attached to your original side stand with three screws. Our anti-theft oil filler plug with dipstick, which is available in black and silver anodized, is not only an eye-catcher, it also offers a practical use. Our brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers give your machine the final touch and give an additional visual appeal. Our adjustable brake and clutch levers make every shift and every braking for you an absolute experience. The two levers are a must have for your K1600B, thanks to their excellent metering ability, amazing appearance and perfect grip.