More Information about BMW R100GS, BMW R100GS Paris-Dakar, BMW R100R, BMW R100RS Classic, BMW R100RT Classic

The BMW R100GS ✅ has a 2-cylinder boxer engine. It is often described as Enduro or off-road bike, but also travel-Enduro may be the case. It has a Paralever. Ther is a special edition R100GS Paris-Dakar, it has a 35 liters tank as special edition, and lots more.

The BMW R100R is a Nakedbike. It has 60 HP, a Cardan, Paralever and a 2-cylinder 4-stroke flat engine a dry clutch and is 228kg.

BMW R100RS and BMW R100RT, with the notation Classic stands for the last /7 Series Nostalgic Modells next to the new R-Series.

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