Battery Charger Optimate 6 for BMW R 100 Model

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With plug for your BMW (article 90015).
Without plug, but with a cable and clips which you can connect directly to your battery in order to charge it without disconnecting (article 208-036).

Diagnoses, recovers, charges, checks and maintains your battery automatically for months. All major battery manufacturers recommend maintaining starter batteries FULLY CHARGED during periods of non-use. Optimate 6 is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries even while still connected to the vehicle. The sophisticated charging algorithm ensures that there is no risk of over-charging. For 12 V batteries. The charging rate will be chosen automatically after the battery test between 0,6A and 5A.

Battery Charger Optimate 6 with plug and cable clamps (240V)

Article-No. : 90015

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Price: € 99,90
USD: 116,20 $
GBP: 87,54 £
AUD: 151,62 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Battery Charger Optimate 6 without plug
You can connect the charger directly to the battery. Place the connector for the charger under the seat and connect the charger conveniently there (240V).

Article-No. : 208-036

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Price: € 97,90
USD: 113,88 $
GBP: 85,79 £
AUD: 148,58 $A

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Extra cable for motorcycle plug box (Image 4)

Article-No. : 208-03-72

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Price: € 16,95
USD: 19,72 $
GBP: 14,85 £
AUD: 25,73 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Eye cable - spare part (image 5)

Article-No. : 208-03-71

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Price: € 9,95
USD: 11,57 $
GBP: 8,72 £
AUD: 15,10 $A

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Does the plug fit into all sockets? Also USA, UK, Australia, Asia?
No, there is no plug which fits all sockets. We are a German company and our plugs fit our sockets. But this is no problem. Just get a travel adapter and it should work fine.

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