Bracket for crashbar, down for BMW R2V /7

BMW R2V /7 Bikes

Bracket for crashbar, down
For 2-valve boxer /7 models crashbar
Fits part no. 4671879 and 4671880, comes with bolt/washer
Compare: 46712302079 + 46712302080 + M / 46-71-2-302-079 + 46-71-2-302-080 + M
INFO: This part is already included in set 4671834.
The material is 3mm thick and 20mm wide. The other dimensions can be seen in the pictures.

Bracket for crashbar, down

Article-No. : 4671990

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Price: € 13,90
USD: 15,20 $
GBP: 11,66 £
AUD: 22,55 $A

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