Adjustable voltage regulator for BMW R2V

BMW R2V Bikes

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BMW R 100 Model Adjustable voltage regulator

Adjustable voltage regulator for R2V models.

Replacement electronic voltage regulator with metal housing. Perfect for use with different battery types or alternating long and short distances. Standard output regulator and high output regulator in one part. Range 13,5 - 14,6 volt.

BMW R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R 60/6, R 75/6, R 90/6, R 90S, R 60/7, R 75/7, R 80/7, R 80RT, R 80, R 100/7, R 100S, R 100RS, R 100RT, R 100CS, R 45, R 65, R 65LS, R 80G/S, R 80ST, R 65GS, R 65, R 80, R 80RT, R 100RT, R 100RS Monolever
R 80GS, R 100GS, R 80GS PD, R 100GS PD, R 80R, R 80R Mystic R 100R, R 100RMystic, R 80GS Basic Paralever

Adjustable voltage regulator R2V

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