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The batteries will make sure that your bike will start without any problems.
Batteries must be charged before using!
Fits also for K100RS & K1

The energy taken from a battery must be replenished immediately. Batteries begin to sulfate (destruct themselves) at 12.4 volts. If you drive little, please check the battery every 6 weeks and be sure to recharge it from 12.5 volts - otherwise there is a risk of loss of performance and a significantly reduced service life! Connect seasonal vehicles to a suitable trickle charger!

Gel battery, 12V 30Ah, Intact Bike Power
L = 178mm; W = 124mm; H = 166mm

Article-No. : 61-GEL53030

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Price: € 164,90
USD: 178,65 $
GBP: 140,73 £
AUD: 271,54 $A

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Gel battery, 12V 30Ah, Landport G60N30L-A
L = 178mm; W = 123mm; H = 166mm

Article-No. : 161030

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Price: € 119,90
USD: 129,90 $
GBP: 102,32 £
AUD: 197,44 $A

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Questions about this article

How much power does a Gel Battery have?
For the exact value please refer the product description. A gel battery brings about 3 times more starting current as a normal battery.

What is the life span of a Gel Battery?
With proper care and maintenance for many years. Proper maintenance is, as with a normal battery, to load the battery during extended holding time (longer than 14 days) with a suitable Battery Charger (for example Optimate). Charging current with a gel battery is max. 1A.

Can I use my car battery charger?
No, gel batteries have to be charged only with appropriate chargers (for example Optimate). Loading with normal chargers destroys the gel battery. (Charging current max. 1 A)


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