Dash pad

Dash pad in the carbon fibre look - protects this very...

Price € 15,50
without VAT plus shipping

Carbon Fiber Tankpad

Zips or buttons can scratch your tank very easily. In order...

Price € 22,90
without VAT plus shipping

Petrol Cap Pad, 3D Carbon Look

Our protection pad is made of high-quality 3M carbon fiber...

Price € 24,50
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Alternator cover

Extremely robust and nice cover for the alternator. It is...

Price € 249,90
without VAT plus shipping

Every driver of a BMW place a great value on functionality and the look when choosing accessories for the R1100RS or R1150RS. Therefore we pay attention in the selection of our carbon ✅ products to combine value and design. Our alternator cover protects your alternator against dust and dirt and is a robust and nice cover made of carbon fibre. The carbon rear wheel hugger for your R1100RS and R1150RS is an effective protection for the suspension, the exhaust, the collector and the rear base. For the driver and the passenger also an indispensable good splash guard. Our carbon front mudguard for the R1150RS consists of two pieces whereby the rear part can remain optional original. But especially the rear part of the mudguard provides an ideal splash protection towards the engine. Our dash pad for the R1100/R1150RS in carbon fibre look protects your fork crown agaainst key scratches. The fork crown is even after frequent key use as new.