Clear indicator lens for BMW R1100S

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These clear or grey indicator lenses give your BMW a quite sporty look.
Supplied as pairs.
Amber bulbs included!
Screws that are too long will break the lense!

For: R 1100/1150 GS/Adv.,
R 850/1100/1150 R,
R 1100 S (rear),
R 850/1200 C/I & Montauk,
K 1200 RS & GT (rear)

Please pay attention to the installation instructions, the FAQs and the sample mounting video, so that neither the pin breaks off nor the glass with the screw breaks during installation.

There is a video for this product - watch here!

Clear indicator lens

Article-No. : L30103

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 26,90
USD: 30,43 $
GBP: 23,00 £
AUD: 43,46 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Grey indicator lens

Article-No. : L30103-g

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 26,50
USD: 29,98 $
GBP: 22,66 £
AUD: 42,81 $A

without VAT plus shipping

4 pieces high-alloyed lens head screw with cross slot

Article-No. : 3552-781-1

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 1,60
USD: 1,81 $
GBP: 1,37 £
AUD: 2,58 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Questions about this article

Do I also need the screws 3552-781-1?
The screws 3552-781-1 are a bit shorter than the original screws. This makes the installation easier and you can't break the lenses that easy. But those screws are of course not a must have. You can for example also cut the original screws.

Do I have to cut one pin of the 12V/10W (or 12V/21W) bulbs?
Depending on the socket, it may be possible that you need to cut or to file off one of the pins.


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