GPR Slip On Exhaust GPE Anniversary Titanium

GPR GPE Anniversary Titanium BMW R 1200 ST Slip On Silencer...

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GPR Slip On Exhaust Furore Nero Italia

GPR Furore Nero Italia BMW R 1200 ST Slip On Silencer...

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BOS Oval 120 exhaust

BMW R1200ST (2005-2009) Bikes

This slip-on exhaust system is specially designed for the...

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Low weight, more power, more torque, great look and easy to apply. These are characteristics of the exhaust systemsy ✅ by Laser, Remus BOS and Sebring. The Laser muffler duo-tech is very easy to apply. Available is the Laser exhaust in three coatings. For the R1200ST Laser offers a main fold made of steel. Remus has the revolution with two finishings. The slip on in three coatings or the exhaust system without catalyzer. No matter which bidder you choose driving pleasure is guaranteed. BOS runs a muffler with low weight but with sporty sound as original system. The slip on is available in steel or carbon. Sebring offers two models. The muffler twister or the complete system twister without catalyzer. Please note that the outfall of the catalycer must be reported to the regualtory agency. The slip on as well as the exhaust system are available in aluminium, carbon or titanium.