More Information about BMW R1250R

The Roaster R1250R ✅ lives up to its name. In addition to the all-round renewed boxer engine, which convinces with more power and therefore with a stronger poll in the lower speed range, the main focus is of course on the BMW ShiftCam technology. This variation of the camshafts, in interaction with the asynchronous opening of the inlet valves, also results in an increase in smooth running and energy efficiency. Accordingly, the oil supply has also been optimised. Besides, it is really needless to say that in this further development at the drive there is a lack of vibration as in the past. The top speed of the new generation two-cylinder boxer engine is 136 hp with a displacement of 1,254 cc.

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In order to perfectly equip your BMW R1250R, we offer useful accessories, such as the grip puppies, which will increase the comfort on the R 1250 R even more. Certainly very useful is a small compressor, even it is hoped that it will never be needed on the way. In terms of safety you can make provisions with our blind angle mirror. The right windshield is a decisive factor when riding a motorcycle and so we offer you a range of windshields, from the touring screen to the high windshield. We also have the suitable windshield cleaner in our range. You can take care of the optics for your R1250R with the side panels. For safe standing you should look at the footpegs and the shift lever and brake pedal enlargements. Sufficient storage space on the R1250R is guaranteed by top case, tank bag and duffel bag. As your companion the R1250R should always run without any problems and be in good condition. With the right battery, the optimal engine- and transmission oils and high-quality brake discs, this will succeed. In order to keep the destination of the tour always in mind, you can also order suitable GPS mounts in addition to navigation devices. For work on your motorcycle you can choose, among other things, between tools such as torx keys, torque wrench, allen key and socket. Thanks to LED indicators and reflectors, you can increase the visibility to other road users.