LED Indicator

LED indicator Shipment includes 1 LED indicator with...

Price € 41,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Side reflector yellow

Side reflector yellow Dimensions: length 60mm, width...

Price € 8,75
incl. VAT plus shipping

Bulb Main Headlights H7 12V/55W

Bulb 12V 55W PX26D T10X58 C-8 H7 UV-STOPP - LF, Halogen...

Price € 9,95
incl. VAT plus shipping


Reflector red, rectangular, self-adhesive, with E-mark...

Price € 3,35
incl. VAT plus shipping

Bulb Parking Light / License Plate Light 12V 5W W2

Bulb Parking Light / License Plate Light Bulb with glass...

Price € 1,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

The lighting ✅ of the motorcycle is a very important component in traffic. If the lighting is too low you won't see as good as possible and, in addition, other drivers won't see you. With the additional Halogen and LED shiners which we offer in our shop this cannot happen. They can be mounted on the frame, crash bar or anything similar.
We offer some special orange or chrome-coated light bulbs in our shop. They will fit our grey tinted flash lights.