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Gel battery "Bike Power", "Landport BV" or the maintenance free YUASA/Toplife (no gel battery!) in order to provide enough power for the start and all other consumer circuits. Developed for the highest requirements! All batteries have to be charged before first use.

"Bike Power" GEL Battery YTX14-BS/51214
12V/12AH (c20) 250A cold testing current (EN)
L = 150mm; W = 86mm; H = 146mm

Article-No. : 61-GEL12

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USD: 88,87 $
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AUD: 115,95 $A

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YUASA/Toplife maintenance free (no gel battery!)
12V 12/14Ah
L = 150mm; W = 85mm; H = 145mm;

Article-No. : 80013

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Price: € 82,90
USD: 96,43 $
GBP: 72,65 £
AUD: 125,82 $A

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Gelbattery "Landport BV"
SLA 12V 12/14Ah
L = 152mm; W = 88mm; H = 147mm;

Article-No. : 161006

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Price: € 78,90
USD: 91,78 $
GBP: 69,14 £
AUD: 119,75 $A

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Questions about this article

How much power does a Gel Battery have?
For the exact value please refer the product description. A gel battery brings about 3 times more starting current as a normal battery.

What is the life span of a Gel Battery?
With proper care and maintenance for many years. Proper maintenance is, as with a normal battery, to load the battery during extended holding time (longer than 14 days) with a suitable Battery Charger (for example Optimate). Charging current with a gel battery is max. 1A.

Can I use my car battery charger?
No, gel batteries have to be charged only with appropriate chargers (for example Optimate). Loading with normal chargers destroys the gel battery. (Charging current max. 1 A)

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