BMW R 1250 RT Top Case Outdoor Cover

Top Case Outdoor Cover

- High-quality cover for motorcycles with top case and...

Price € 99,90
incl. VAT plus shipping
BMW R 1250 RT Grip Puppies

Grip Puppies

These Grip Puppies will give more comfort to your ride...

Price € 20,90
incl. VAT plus shipping
BMW R 1250 RT Booster pack Startronic 400

Booster pack Startronic 400

Designed for 12V vehicles, the STARTRONIC 400 is a smart...

Price € 178,00
incl. VAT plus shipping
BMW R 1250 RT Electronic Protector

Electronic Protector

The Electronic Protector is to connect directly to the...

Price € 10,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

In this category you will find helpful accessories for your BMW R1250RT. For an optimal Overwintering you can use the battery charger Optimate 4 Dual, which you can directly connect to your battery and thus you can charge it without a removal. Furthermore, we offer you the Supercover Outdoor Cover and the Indoor Cover to protect the motorcycle against outside influences. Safety for your BMW R1250RT is guaranteed with the alarm disc lock RK15 and RK8, which needs a minimum vibrations to get active. The helmet can be optimally secured with our sturdy helmet lock. Also the safety of the driver is ensured with first aid kit, signal vest and bulb box. At the latest before Overwintering the BMW GS should be thoroughly cleaned. A quick and easy way is by using the cleaners from our shop. You can order the Procycle Gel-Special-Cleaner in a 1 liter spray bottle or in a 5 liters canister, as well as the plastic polish, aluminium, stainless steel and chrome polish, foam cleaner, Autosol Bluing Remover for shiny manifolds or the insect remover for an easy removal of stubborn stains on windshield or front of your BMW R1250RT. If you got a flat tyre during the tour, you can use our tyre fix. With this accessory you can do without changing the tyre locally and you will reach the next workshop or service station easily. Of course you will find further useful accessories in this category, which makes the tour with your GS more comfortable. Like the Throttle Rocker, the Ariete brake lock, a LED pocket lamp, Grip Puppies, tyre pressure control, 90 degree valve stem adapter or the blind angle mirror. The perfect sight you achieve with the Antifog from Held. Just stick it of the inner side of your visor and the breath moisture evaporates. Very helpful, handy and small and therefore very suitable for a long journey is the AirMan Sparrow Air Pump. The AirMan filled the tyres of your BMW R1250RT reliable and is also used for other purposes. If you need more connection options for additional devices, you will find the cigarette lighter socket kit, the extra power socket, an USB-adapter or the plug for navigation or plugs without cable in our shop.