Suitcase Flat Lids

SUITCASE FLAT LIDS sold as a pair (for left and right...

Price € 459,10
incl. VAT plus shipping

Change front and rear seat

The driver's and pillion rider's seat are equipped with a...

Price € 179,10
incl. VAT plus shipping

Inside Bag

These bags help you to load and unload your motorcycle...

Price € 53,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tail-, Rear Seat Bag

Designed to perfectly fit on the rack or rear seat and...

Price € 73,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag EA118

Extendable TANKLOCK bag for Enduro motorcycles, 25...

Price € 101,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V56

V56 MAXIA 4 Monokey top case Capacity: 2 helmets...

Price € 329,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag EA123

"Mini" TANKLOCK bag, 5 ltr. Materials: -...

Price € 59,40
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag UT810 with lock

TanklockED extendable tank bag for Enduro motorcycles,...

Price € 213,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V47

V47 Monokey top case Capacity: 2 helmets Size:...

Price € 264,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top case bags

These bags help you to load and unload your motorcycle...

Price € 49,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Reflection Foil

This set of reflection foils (4 pieces) increases the...

Price € 22,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case Trekker Dolomiti

Top Case Trekker Dolomiti Monokey with 30 liters or 46...

Price € 340,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tank Bag

A map pouch with a zipper is on top of the tank bag. This...

Price € 52,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case V40

V40 Monokey top case Capacity: 1 helmet Size: W...

Price € 142,10
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top case mounting-Aluminium

The mounting system for a Givi Monokey top case consists...

Price € 143,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top case mounting

The mounting system for the Givi Monokey top cases (Givi)...

Price € 88,90
incl. VAT plus shipping

Duffel Bag

With high-quality cords in order to fasten the bag on the...

Price € 74,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Top Case Metal Rack V47, V56

Metallic rack for Givi Monokey cases V47 and V56 in black...

Price € 69,50
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tie-Down Straps with Cam Buckles

Set of 2 tie-down straps with cam buckles. Contains: 2...

Price € 6,80
incl. VAT plus shipping

Tankbag Ring

This nylon ring (tank mounting flange) is already...

Price € 23,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

Price € 12,50
incl. VAT plus shipping


Bungee cord: For quickly and easily fastening various...

Price € 3,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Choosing the right piece of luggage for the R1250RT ✅ is not easy. Therefore you will find a range of different possibilities in our shop, so that you can decide for yourself which option suits you best. Of course, an absolute standard solution is a duffel bag with which you cannot do anything wrong. Because of their covers the zippers are almost waterproof. The mounting is very fast: just fix the bag with stable belts on the luggage rack or the pillion seat. The included handles and the shoulder strap are particularly useful parts of this duffel bag. If you like it a little more compact, you should take a look at our tail bag. The volume of 8 liters in the normal state can be expanded to 21 liters if necessary. As a useful extra there is an elastic cord at the top, where for example wet clothes can be stored. However, if you are a friend of suitcases and still looking for a matching interior, our inside bags will suit you. These small, but useful accessorie products simplify both the packing and unpacking of the suitcase and help to keep order. The inside bags also have a shoulder strap, so the bags are very easy to transport. Another variation to store luggage is offered by our tankbag that is attached by means of the tankbag mounting BF11. It is a high quality product and can also be used as a waist-bag. As an accessory for suitcases you will find flat lids, which are especially designed for the use on the road, as it can also be a quite narrow there sometimes. This flat lids are supplied as a pair for the left and the right. With our set of reflection foils (4 pieces) you get an increased signalling effect for the following traffic. You and your motorcycle are much more visible which increases your passive safety significantly. Also the two-piece load restraint assembly, the tie-down straps with cam buckles, as well as our expander offer the possibility to attach luggage on your bike. If you are not satisfied 100% with your seat, feel free to test a modified driver seat at our headquarter in Cham. If the seat suits you, we can modify your two-piece bench according to your individual requirements, so that you always sit comfortably. The padding consists of a double-coating system, which is comfortably soft at the top, but still avoids denting.