Change one-piece seat

A distinct fluting (middle of the seat is deepened) releases...

Price € 299,00
without VAT plus shipping

Tail-, Rear Seat Bag

Designed to perfectly fit on the rack or rear seat and with...

Price € 76,90
without VAT plus shipping

Side bags

These lockable leather bags do not only look good, they also...

Price € 870,00
without VAT plus shipping

Change front and rear seat

The driver's and pillion rider's seats are equipped with a...

Price € 239,00
without VAT plus shipping

Handlebar bag

Small, smart bag for double-butted handlebars. This...

Price € 26,90
without VAT plus shipping

Bag for pillion seat

This bag with 12-20 liters volume can be mounted on the...

Price € 82,90
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag EA126

This waterproof cargo bag with a volume of 80 liters is made...

Price € 88,50
without VAT plus shipping

Duffel Bag

With high-quality cords in order to fasten the bag on the...

Price € 75,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tank bag

With 10-15 litres volume and with a big map pouch. You can...

Price € 119,00
without VAT plus shipping

Tie-Down Straps with Cam Buckles

Set of 2 tie-down straps with cam buckles. Contains: 2...

Price € 6,80
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag

This waterproof cargo bag with a volume of 18 liters can for...

Price € 32,50
without VAT plus shipping

Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

Price € 12,50
without VAT plus shipping


Bungee cord: For quickly and easily fastening various...

Price € 3,00
without VAT plus shipping

Sissybar / backrest

BMW R18, R18 Classic & R18 First Edition Bikes

This backrest offers the passenger increased comfort and...

Price € 249,90
without VAT plus shipping

Water-resistant storage bag XL07

Water resistant saddle bag, expandable from 9 to 12...

Price € 111,00
without VAT plus shipping

Removable sissybar / backrest

BMW R18, R18 Classic & R18 First Edition Bikes

This removable backrest offers the passenger increased...

Price € 289,90
without VAT plus shipping

The look of the R18 plays a major role, which is why you can have your seats individually converted by us. Simply order the seat conversion in our online shop and send us your seats. We will then redesign them according to your ideas. Even if the Cruiser is only used for short distances most of the time, you need some storage space for the ride and for the breaks. For this purpose, we offer side bags adapted to the old style in our range. These are available in sand brown and black. For smaller and more important items such as a wallet, you can purchase our handlebar bag. The bag is easily attached to the handlebars with loops and is thus always in sight and within reach. We also offer our tail-, rear seat bag for this motorcycle. We have also included larger bags such as our duffel bag and the waterproof cargo bag in our product range, in case the trip should be longer. Moreover, we have designed a tank bag with magnets especially for the steel tank. This can be easily fitted and removed, if necessary, but still has a firm hold during the journey. For safety, we have also attached a loop around the triple clamp. The tank bag is also available with suckers instead of magnets.