BMW G650Xchallenge, G650Xmoto, G650Xcountry Carbon Fiber Tankpad

Carbon Fiber Tankpad

Zips or buttons can scratch your tank very easily. In...

Price € 20,80
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BMW G650Xchallenge, G650Xmoto, G650Xcountry Beak


BMW G650Xmoto Bikes

In order to give your BMW G650X Moto a Hypermoto Look....

Price € 159,90
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BMW G650Xchallenge, G650Xmoto, G650Xcountry Mudguard extension

Mudguard extension

BMW G650Xchallenge Bikes

For even more offroad fun! The mudguard extension...

Price € 82,00
incl. VAT plus shipping
BMW G650Xchallenge, G650Xmoto, G650Xcountry Rear mudguard

Rear mudguard

BMW G650Xmoto Bikes

Fits between the rear shock and wheel. Designed...

Price € 149,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Even so the BMW G650X is a classical Enduro, it is capable for off-road. We have lost of Carbon Fibre ✅ and GRP products in our assortment, that fit perfectly to the bike's look. Fitting for the G650 Xchallenge, G650 Xmoto and G650 Xcountry and preventin scratches, are Clutch cover guard and Alternator cover guard. For all G650X models we have Hand Protectors. Optimum protection for your hands, robust even at high speeds and elegant design are only a few of it's characteristics. The rear exhaust heat shield not only fulfils its purpose, it also imparts a thoroughbred appearance to your Xchallenge. The big & small exhaust heat shields combine top-quality materials and a functional look with a reduction in weight. Simple, uncomplicated exchange for the original shield. The rear brake cylinder of the G 650 X is not protected. Therefore it is very likely to be damaged during a fall and also gets dirty very quickly. Our extremely durable brake cylinder cover made of carbon fibre protects the brake cylinder. For even more offroad fun, the mudguard extension improves protection against dirt and rain water. To give your BMW G650X a Hypermoto Look use our Beak made of high quality glass fiber. Also made for the G 650 Xmoto is our Rear mudguard. Keeps your legs dry and protects suspension and rear.