Engine Oil

These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the...

Price € 16,90
without VAT plus shipping

Front brake pads

BMW G650Xchallenge & G650Xcountry Bikes

Lucas brake pads (20042 & 20043) All brake pads are...

Price € 35,90
without VAT plus shipping

Rear brake pads

Lucas brake pads All brake pads are environmentally...

Price € 36,90
without VAT plus shipping

Brake fluid

This high performance brake fluid for street, off-road and...

Price € 11,90
without VAT plus shipping

Front brake pads

BMW G650Xmoto Bikes

Lucas ABE/street homologation brake pads are characterised...

Price € 35,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filter

(for other motorcycles, please ask) for all F650 and...

Price € 9,90
without VAT plus shipping

Anti Squeal Paste

The anti squeal paste can be used for the whole brake system...

Price € 4,80
without VAT plus shipping

Sprocket 15 Teeth

Our sprocket with 15 teeth provides remedy if you would like...

Price € 15,60
without VAT plus shipping

Spark plugs

Sparking plugs NGK for BMW F650 & G650 models. Not only in a...

Price € 6,30
without VAT plus shipping

Washer for sump plug

Washer or also called Sump Plug Washer for sump plugs. Fits...

Price € 1,40
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Pole Fat

This Procycle battery pole fat was especially developed for...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

Chain Kits

The chain and sprockets kit for your BMW G650X Country MY...

Price € 137,90
without VAT plus shipping

Cooling Liquid

Borate, nitrite, amine and 2-ethylhexanoic acid free Eni...

Price € 15,50
without VAT plus shipping

Air filter BMW G650X

Choose the correct air filter and give your bike the...

Price € 15,50
without VAT plus shipping

Engine oil LIQUI MOLY

Fully synthetic or semi-synthetic high-performance engine...

Price € 66,90
without VAT plus shipping

Clutch lining

BMW G650Xcountry Bikes

Clutch linings from Lucas are among the best in the world!...

Price € 70,90
without VAT plus shipping

Front Brake Discs

BMW G650XMoto Bikes

Cool design, the finest high technology, with TUV, and all...

Price € 220,00
without VAT plus shipping

Brake lines

BMW G 650 Xmoto Bikes

Stahlflex brake line Teflon-coated, exact brake point,...

Price € 129,00
without VAT plus shipping

Rear brake disc

BMW G650Xmoto (2007-2010) Bikes

LUCAS rear brake disc with European street homologation...

Price € 69,90
without VAT plus shipping

Gel battery

Gel battery, in order to provide enough power for the start...

Price € 64,90
without VAT plus shipping
(inkl. 7,50 € Pfand §10 BattG)

Dust cap

Dust cap Compare BMW article number...

Price € 6,00
without VAT plus shipping

You need Spares for your G650X models? Check out our products. Starting with our engine oil ✅ , our Cardan- and transmission oil to our filters and break pads you can find anything in our assortment. The mineral or synthetic AGIP engine oil of the latest generation meets the requirements of BMW's specifications or classifications and because of this they fit perfect to the superior BMW riders. The High performance Copper Paste is resistant -30C to +1300C. It is cold, hot and sea water resistant. An absolute must when you install new brake pads. The Anti Squeal Paste can be used for the whole brake system (bolts, pins, ...). It will avoid squeaking and contains no copper, so it can also be used safely with ABS brake systems. For the G 650 X challenge and F650 X country the Front Brake Disks was intended. The Lucas Brake Disks are eye-catching at first glance. But behind the elegant design there is really solid performance. To get your machines power on the road Chain Kits are the best solution. The open chains are available for all modells.