Engine Oil

These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the...

Price € 16,90
without VAT plus shipping

Transmission oil

These transmission oils are extreme pressure gear oils...

Price € 21,90
without VAT plus shipping

Brake fluid

This high performance brake fluid for street, off-road and...

Price € 11,90
without VAT plus shipping

Hydraulic fluid Hyspin V10

Hydraulic fluid Hyspin V10 (250 ml) Compare BMW item...

Price € 25,00
without VAT plus shipping

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear

O-ring for oil drain plug at cardan angular gear ...

Price € 2,30
without VAT plus shipping

Cooling Liquid

Borate, nitrite, amine and 2-ethylhexanoic acid free Eni...

Price € 15,50
without VAT plus shipping

Anti Squeal Paste

The anti squeal paste can be used for the whole brake system...

Price € 4,80
without VAT plus shipping

Battery Pole Fat

This Procycle battery pole fat was especially developed for...

Price € 4,00
without VAT plus shipping

Washer for final drive angular gearbox

Washer for final drive angular gearbox. The ring has an...

Price € 0,60
without VAT plus shipping

Rubber Grips for Multi Controller

Our rubber grips improve the rider's riding pleasure and...

Special price € 24,90
instead of € 28,90

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NGK Spark plug

Not only in a race the right spark at the right moment can...

Price € 19,95
without VAT plus shipping

In the field of transmission and gear oils, we offer you first-class products that meet the highest requirements and are specially designed for the R1300GS. Our TRW Lucas high-performance brake fluid is even used in racing to ensure optimal braking performance. With our Procycle battery pole fat, your BMW R1300GS always starts smoothly and moreover, the life of the battery will likely be extended. If your R1300GS squeaks when braking, we recommend our anti squeal paste. This paste does not contain any copper components, so you don't have to worry about the anti-lock braking system (ABS).