Oil pan distance ring

Oil pan distance ring All 2V boxers Please order also...

Price € 109,30
incl. VAT plus shipping

Oil pan gasket

Oil pan gasket All 2V boxer models Compare 11131338427...

Price € 7,85
incl. VAT plus shipping

Drain plug, magnetic

Drain plug, magnetic M18 X 1,5 for oil pan and gearbox...

Price € 5,92
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Oil pan distance ring ENDURO

Oil pan distance ring ENDURO For R2V models BMW R...

Price € 196,87
incl. VAT plus shipping

New in our assortment for the different R80 models is a magnetically drain plug ✅, which minimizes the wear by binding the metal particles out of the oil. Any longer we have a oil pan distance ring for the Boxer Motor with two valves, once for Enduro and once for sport. This oil pan distance ring affects weight-optimising.