Lithium battery for BMW R2V

BMW R2V Bikes

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BMW R 80 Model Lithium battery

Due to its high output power due to the low internal resistance, this lithium battery starts motorcycles quickly. In addition, it is characterized by a low self-discharge.

- no loss of capacity over the service life
- long service life
- fast loading time
- safe handling
- no maintenance required
- stable discharge voltage thanks to the integrated battery management system (BMS)
- integrated charging status display
- battery cannot leak

All batteries have to be charged before the first use. Lithium batteries may only be charged with a suitable charger (this should not deliver more than 15 V in any mode, e.g. part number 90018).

BMW R100 (81-84), R100/7 (76-78), R100CS (80-84), R100GS (86-96), R100RS (76-92), R100RT (78-96), R100S (76-80), R45 (78-85), R50 (69-73), R60/5 (69-73), R60/6 (73-76), R60/7 (76-80), R65 (78-93), R65G/S (87-92), R65LS (81-85), R75/5 (69-73), R75/6 (73-76), R75/7 (76-79), R80 (77-80), R80 (84-93), R80G/S (80-87), R80GS (87-98), R80R (91-94), R80RT (82-95), R80ST (82-85), R90S (73-76), R90/6 73-76)

The energy taken from a battery must be replenished immediately. Batteries begin to sulfate (destruct themselves) at 12.4 volts. If you drive little, please check the battery every 6 weeks and be sure to recharge it from 12.5 volts - otherwise there is a risk of loss of performance and a significantly reduced service life! Connect seasonal vehicles to a suitable trickle charger!

SHIDO Lithium battery 51913-Li
12V / 90 Wh / 7,5Ah
L = 182mm; W = 77mm; H = 172 mm
Cold testing current 450 CA (A)

Article-No. : 201-093-L

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Questions about this article

Which power does this lithium battery have compared to a gel battery or lead acid battery?
This lithium battery has a similar power as a 24 Ah gel battery or 24 Ah lead acid battery.

Can I use my car battery charger?
No, lithium batteries have to be charged only with appropriate chargers (for example item BA201). Loading with normal chargers destroys the lithium battery.

What is the life span of a lithium battery?
With proper care and maintenance the life span is many years. Proper maintenance is, as with a normal battery, to load the battery during extended holding time (longer than 14 days) with a suitable battery charger (for example item BA201).


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