Gearbox gasket set for BMW R2V 9/1980-*

BMW R2V 9/1980-* Bikes

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BMW R 80 Model Gearbox gasket set

Gearbox gasket set
all two-valve boxer models since 9/1980, except Paralever models
For gearboxes with kick-starter.

a) gasket ring oil-fill-in 07-11-9-963-300
b) gearbox cover gasket 23 11 596
c) rotary seal gearbox output shaft 23 12 681
d) rotary seal gearshift lever shaft 23 12 740
e) gasket ring oil-flow 07-11-9-963-003
f) gasket ring oil-drain 07-11-9-963-200
g) rotary seal gearbox input shaft 23 12 726
h) gasket ring idle-switch 61-31-1-355-262
i) gasket ring kick-start 23-12-1-338-741
k) rotary seal driveshift 23-12-1-242-420

BMW R 80RT, R 80, R 100, R 100RS, R 100RT, R 100CS, R 45, R 65, R 65LS, R 80G/S, R 80ST, R 65GS, R65, R 80, R 80RT, R 100RT, R 100RS Monolever

Not for BMW R 80R, R 100 R, R 80GS, R 100GS

Gearbox gasket set

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