Rear wheel hub cap

For spoke wheel. Made of aluminium, natural anodized or...

Price € 53,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filler plug

This oil filler plug with Allen tool looks absolutely great...

Price € 25,00
without VAT plus shipping

Crash bars

The Hepco & Becker crash bars offer the best protection in...

Price € 400,00
without VAT plus shipping

Telelever end caps

These telelever end caps add a new optical highlight on your...

Price € 33,90
without VAT plus shipping

Lazystep Highway Pegs for tubes

These black and foldaway Lazystep highway pegs will be...

Price € 168,90
without VAT plus shipping

Key holder with emblem

Useful key holder made of knurled aluminium, polished on...

Price € 26,90
without VAT plus shipping

Camshaft lid

Made of high-quality aluminium and fits all four valve twins...

Price € 35,90
without VAT plus shipping


Toolbox for R 850/1200 C until 2003 model. The polished...

Price € 154,90
without VAT plus shipping

Mirror Heightening

Our mirror heightening is the perfect solution if you mainly...

Price € 20,20
without VAT plus shipping

Swingarm Pivot Cover

This swingarm pivot cover is made of high-quality aluminium....

Price € 32,90
without VAT plus shipping

Oil filler plug with emblem

There is a drilling in the side of the plug in which you can...

Price € 26,90
without VAT plus shipping

Swing arm Pivot Cover

This swingarm pivot cover for the right side is a very nice...

Price € 31,90
without VAT plus shipping

Side stand plate

Feel safer when parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with a...

Price € 6,95
without VAT plus shipping

Shift lever enlarger

It is nicely machined of aluminium and polished. The special...

Price € 23,90
without VAT plus shipping

Centre cap top yoke

You can also use a BMW emblem. It is made of...

Price € 34,90
without VAT plus shipping

You can find many perfectly designed mounting parts ✅ and covers made of aluminium in our range of products. The aluminium is polished or anodized. Our Swingarm pivot cover for left and right with Hornig emblem is a nice glossy finished cover that perfeclty fits ot the R1200C's look. The handy key fob is made with an eye for details and is an absolute must-have for every single BMW rider. The paralever pivot cap for the inside avodis rusting of the setting screw. The Centre cap top yoke or the Rear wheel hub cap for spoked wheels with Hornig emblem is an eye-catcher on your R 850 C or R 1200 C. The oil filler plug with or without emblem, the Telelever end caps and the Camshaft lid ensure the completeness of the optical highlights. Our toolbox for the R 850 C and R 1200 C is a stainless steel pipe with highly polished aluminium lids and Hornig emblem. A better view to the rear is made possible with our mirror extensions. The mirrors are lifted for approximately 2,5 cm. Many BMW riders say their shift lever is too thin and gives too less grip when shifting. Thanks to our Shift lever enlarger this is a thing of the past. A safe stand for your cruiser is ensured with our Side stand foot enlargement.