BMW R850C, R1200C GPS TomTom Rider 450

GPS TomTom Rider 450

The TomTom Rider 450 GPS sat nav gives you complete...

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instead of € 399,00

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BMW R850C, R1200C Nav Garmin Zumo 595LM Europe

Nav Garmin Zumo 595LM Europe

The zumo 595LM with its transreflective 5-inch...

Price € 649,00
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BMW R850C, R1200C Interphone Sport Twin Pack

Interphone Sport Twin Pack

Supplied in a Twin Pack, Interphone Sport is the intercom...

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BMW R850C, R1200C Extra GPS Mount

Extra GPS Mount

You can place your GPS exactly in the position where you...

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BMW R850C, R1200C Interphone System F5MC

Interphone System F5MC

The new INTERPHONEF5MC has a multidevice connectivity,...

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BMW R850C, R1200C GPS Mounting

GPS Mounting

Handlbar mounting for 24 mm oder 28 mm handlebars + RAM...

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If you go on tour with the R850C or R1200C no matter if with pillon or in a group it is your advantage when you can communicate with your co-drivers. There are two possibilities to mount the intercom system on your helmet. A communication from rider to rider is possible for line of sights up to 200 meters. A connection to navitagion system or to your mobile phone via bluetooth is also possible. The newest version of intercom systems is the Interphone 4 with many improvements compared to it's forerunner. A better microphone against background noise and a stereo headset for better hearing up to 180km/h and for communication up to 500 meters distance are only examples for the improvements. For rider and rider or rider and pillon you will need two interphones.

Brandnew and available for a favourable price is the X-Navigator. To arrive at your dream destination without difficulties the X-Navigator is equipped with an all-purpose fitting mounting set and 43 country maps are pre-installed.
For travelling or touring we can also recommend the Garmin ZUMO 550, Garmin ZUMO 660 and the TomTom Rider II specially designed for motorcycles. For the GPS sets we run the suitable mounting sets. Our mounting for TomTom and Garimn ZUMO persist of handlebar mounting and ball.
The BikeCam2 is a high quality easy to use motorcycle video system. Helmet or bike mounted bullet camera recording systems for bikes, great quality suitable for professional applications including training, racing, track days etc. or just great fun for videoing your favourite rides.