Tank Bag 17L

With 10 - 17 litres volume, with a big map pouch. The height...

Price € 119,90
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag EA126

This waterproof cargo bag with a volume of 80 liters is made...

Special price € 85,00
instead of € 89,00

without VAT plus shipping

Duffel Bag

With high-quality cords in order to fasten the bag on the...

Special price € 68,30
instead of € 75,90

without VAT plus shipping

Tie-Down Straps with Cam Buckles

Set of 2 tie-down straps with cam buckles. Contains: 2...

Price € 6,80
without VAT plus shipping

Tank bag 7L

With 7 litres volume and with a big map pouch. Height: 10...

Price € 54,90
without VAT plus shipping

Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

Price € 12,50
without VAT plus shipping


Bungee cord: For quickly and easily fastening various...

Price € 3,20
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag CANYON

Waterproof cargo bag CANYON, volume of 8 litres ...

Special price € 69,00
instead of € 73,00

without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof backpack 20L

Backpack with Roll Top closure system, capacity: 20...

Special price € 83,90
instead of € 95,00

without VAT plus shipping

Backpack with water bag 3L

This backpack has a volume of 3 liters, has an integrated...

Special price € 79,90
instead of € 94,50

without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof luggage roll

This waterproof luggage roll with a volume of 30 liters is...

Price € 50,00
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof luggage bag

With this practical and flexible luggage bag you are...

Price € 55,92
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof inner bag

Available in 3 sizes (5L, 10L and 25L), this waterproof dry...

Price € 19,92
without VAT plus shipping

Touring with one of the BMW cruisers is already a pleasure. But when you can store your luggage neatly, everything is sorted out to enjoy your trip. Our tank bag ✅ offers not only space, but also a map pouch. The tank bags are available in various sizes. Starting with the tank bag with 7 liters capacity up to the tank bag with 24 liters capacity. It is also equipped with a handle and a removable belt. All bags are made of high-tensile and waterproof fabric. But at heavy rain water can get through the zippers. Therefore we recommend to use a Rain Protection Cover. Capable for mounting on the rear is our duffle bag. In order to fasten on the tail rack or on the rear seat.
If you are not satisfied with your sitting posture or your seat benchs comfort, we have a solution. The R1200C's two-piece seat benches can be modified special for your needs. The modification gives a noticeable, relaxed and painfree driving pleasure.