Tank Bag 7L

A map pouch with a zipper is on top of the tank bag. This...

Price € 54,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tank Bag 22L

With 15 - 22 litre volume and with a big map pouch....

Price € 117,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tail-, Rear Seat Bag

Designed to fit perfectly on the rack or rear seat and with...

Price € 46,90
without VAT plus shipping

Duffel Bag

With high-quality cords in order to fasten the bag on the...

Special price € 68,30
instead of € 75,90

without VAT plus shipping

Map pouch

This map pouch is perfect for the rider that doesn't want...

Price € 29,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag XS308

Tanklock tank bag - Xstream Range Materials: 1200D Guzy...

Price € 170,00
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag EA126

This waterproof cargo bag with a volume of 80 liters is made...

Special price € 85,00
instead of € 89,00

without VAT plus shipping

Tie-Down Straps with Cam Buckles

Set of 2 tie-down straps with cam buckles. Contains: 2...

Price € 6,80
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag Ring

This nylon ring (tank mounting flange) is already included...

Price € 25,50
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag XS307

Tanklock expandable tank bag 14-18 liters - Xstream...

Price € 144,50
without VAT plus shipping

Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

Price € 12,50
without VAT plus shipping


Bungee cord: For quickly and easily fastening various...

Price € 3,20
without VAT plus shipping

Luggage rack

Sportrack: - replaces the pillion rider's seat -...

Price € 225,00
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag XS319

Tanklock tank bag, 3 liters - Xstream Range Materials:...

Price € 65,50
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag EA144

"Mini" TANKLOCK bag, 5 ltr. Materials: -...

Price € 59,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tankbag ST612

Thermoformed tank bag TANKLOCK, 15 liters Material:...

Price € 149,00
without VAT plus shipping

Tail bag / Rear seat bag

Designed to perfectly fit on the rear seat or on the rear...

Price € 79,90
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof cargo bag CANYON

Waterproof cargo bag CANYON, volume of 8 litres ...

Special price € 69,00
instead of € 73,00

without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof backpack 20L

Backpack with Roll Top closure system, capacity: 20...

Special price € 83,90
instead of € 95,00

without VAT plus shipping

Backpack with water bag 3L

This backpack has a volume of 3 liters, has an integrated...

Special price € 79,90
instead of € 94,50

without VAT plus shipping

Tank bag MT505

Tanklock tank bag for motorcycles, 5 liters, expandable...

Price € 109,90
without VAT plus shipping

Tank bag XS306

Tanklock tank bag, expandable to up to 25 liters - Xstream...

Price € 157,50
without VAT plus shipping

Waterproof luggage roll

This waterproof luggage roll with a volume of 30 liters is...

Price € 50,00
without VAT plus shipping

More and more bikers friends get altered the seat ✅ of their BMW S1000R in order to achieve a more comfortable ride, especially on long journeys. For this reason we offer you the service to change the seat of your BMW. In our house you may also like to test a changed rider seat for free and without obligation. Specifically for the BMW S1000R we use extremely slip resistant leather which gives you also hold during hang offs and heavy braking on the race track. To be able to modify your seat, it is necessary that you send us your seat. In order to stow everything necessary on your S1000R, our tank bag with 15 liters of storage space is ideal. This tank bag can be enlarged om 22 cm to 32 cm height. This corresponds to a storage space of 22 liters. If you do not need so much storage space you can take a look at our tank bag with 7L. The tank bag can be used as a single map pouch. The material is waterproof and very stable. The tank bags XS307 and XS308 from GIVI perfectly fit into the overall picture of your BMW. With the associated tank bag mounting BF06 you should have no difficulty to attach these tank bags. For all those, who prefer to place their luggage on the rear our duffel bag could be interesting. For anyone who still wants to ride according to the map, we recommend our map pouch. It is very robust and is made of 70% polyester and PVC. On this page you find also even more useful accessory products such as our tie-down straps with cam buckles or our two-piece load restraint assembly and expander. That belongs in any motorcycle equipment.